GFRC Furniture

Care & Maintenance


Although your GFRC furniture has been treated with sealants, in order to avoid staining or degradation, we recommend the following measures:

1. Wipe clean spilled liquids or other materials within 12 hours;

2. Avoid sanding or grinding on the surfaces;

3. Use storm covers in the event of hail;

4. Lift instead of drag when moving your furniture to avoid shipping;

5. When assembling your furniture, keep the packing remains during assembly to avoid potential chipping when rolling or moving;

6. Avoid using pens or permanent markers directly onto the surface;

7. Avoid heavy impact or impact from tools like hammers;

8. If your item is a water feature, ensure no additives or chemicals are added to the water;

9. Avoid bore water or water with a high mineral content.


Featherstone GFRC is produced primarily from concrete, and your piece is built as one solid unit. As a product made of concrete, your piece can sustain chips or cracks from time to time for a variety causes. However, formula for Featherstone includes a complex system of reinforcement, so, chips and small crack will not affect the overall strength of the piece

Should chips or crack appear your Featherstone GFRC pieces, we suggest the following steps:

1. If the chip is small, lightly sand the chip which to remove any sharp edges and make the chip less visible;

2. If a larger piece is broken off, glue it back to the original position using cement glue, which is available in most general hardware stores;

3. Apply a mix of cement, fine sand and water to the chip, then lightly sand the area to blend the fixed area with the rest of the piece (please note that this repair will appear darker than the rest of the piece even when dry);

4. For colored items, use wood stains as a touch-up colour;

5. Since any repair might affect the original sealants, apply new sealants to the affected area;

6. Repaint the piece with concrete paints (please note that the new coat of paint might not stick because of the sealants originally applied to the piece);

7. If your piece is a water feature and a small area of white appears on its surface, let the piece dry, wipe it clean with cloth, then run it again (the white area should disappear after 1 to 2 times).