GFRC Furniture

Saigon Pottery was founded in 1993, supplying pottery to worldwide markets from our Dragon Kilns in Binh Duong.

Between 1993 and 2003, Saigon Pottery gained enormous experience in all aspects of the exporting business.

Besides supplying pottery into large chain stores both directly and through distributors, we also supplied small individual stores, and were able to develop programs that met all the requirements of our clients.


In 10 years we have gained experience in mass production, supply chain management, order management, QC standards and programs, and packaging and container supply.

In 2003 Saigon Pottery began to explore the use of GFRC (glass-fibre-reinforced concrete) after a year of research and development. 2 machines were commissioned and built, and Saigon Potteriy Featherstone GFRC came into existence.

Over the next years, from 2004, Saigon Pottery Featherstone GFRC has developed into one of the major suppliers of GFRC garden products and furniture, supplying markets throughout Southeast Asia, the Americas, the UAE, and Europe.

Now with over 11000 square meters of production space, a 500-square-meter showroom, a 500-square-meter garden setting, and a staff of over 100, Saigon Pottery Featherstone has:

  • Developed and built its own machinery in-house, specific to its production;
  • Developed a workforce with the knowledge only experience can bring;
  • Hired an in-house chemist for colour development;
  • Hired design consultants to work with any or all clients;
  • Developed multiple ranges of planter’s fountains and furniture to view and select from;
  • Obtained written independent testing results on our products.

Saigon Pottery Featherstone GFRC has also made a commitment for the future with continued development of materials as well as designs. We are working with our raw material suppliers to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge of technology and development.